Care of oiled floors

The daily cleaning of oiled floors should be done with a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner. For deep cleaning, use a special soap for oiled floors which restores the film of oil while removing accumulated dirt. Just dilute with water, then apply it with a well wrung out mop. Rinse and let dry. Twice a year, apply a special floor care oil. Spray it on the flooring over a 3 m² area, starting from the side opposite the door. Polish the treated area immediately with a floor waxer. Wait for the floor to be fully dry before walking on the surface. Oil has the advantage of being able to be used to make occasional repairs. Simply sand the stained or scratched area with an abrasive having a 120 or 150 grit. Dust, then apply a floor care oil.

Maintenance of varnished / sealed flooring

Varnish is a protective film for your flooring. Regular cleaning should be done with a broom or vacuum cleaner. You can use a slightly damp cloth to remove stains. You can use a suitable maintenance product that cleans and protects the polished flooring.
Approximately once a year you should apply a renovator / hardener which forms a protective coating, thus extending the life of the varnish. The application should be carried out in one or two coats with a broom or sponge mop. After every five applications of the hardener, before applying the new coat, use a hardener detergent to remove the excess thickness of the product that will tend to flake if left to build up.

Care of waxed flooringdusting waxed floors regularly is necessary but not sufficient. It is essential to nourish them periodically with a wax or polish and then polish them with a woollen cloth to shine it. Stains can removable with turpentine. If the floor is very dirty, you will need the first remove the wax with a special cleaner before applying a new coat of wax.